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This is a message to acknowledge the victims of ignorance, the nonhuman animals. This is for the kittens who were drowned in alcohol, future specimens for Biology students. This is for the mother hamster who was thrown into a trash can because she devoured her young. This is for the puppy who was left in the car during August just a bit too long. This is for the fledgling who was beaten to death by a group of teenagers. This is for the 3 lambs, 11 cows, 45 turkeys,1,097 chickens, and 1 calf that each meat-eating American will consume in an average lifetime. This is for the 240 million male chicks who are killed annually. This is for the dog who was stolen for laboratory experimentation. This is for the 6.5 million dolphins who have been killed by tuna fishermen. This is for the rabbit who was force fed your favorite shampoo. This is for the frightened infant monkey whose "mother" was a cloth "monkey" scheduled to shock him on command. This is for the ducklings who were electrically shocked to prove that electrical shocks can immobilize. This is for the animals. The exploited nonhuman animals. There are people out there who care. There are people out there working to save you. You haven't been forgotten.