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Animal Rights Festival Sets Example for Jains


From October 6-8, the Tenth Annual International Compassionate Living Festival held in the Holiday Inn in Raleigh, NC brought together distinguished speakers from different backgrounds, such as Australia and Hawaii, old and young activists, and a compassionate audience. The diversity of topics presented, the literature displayed for public knowledge with the delicious vegan food served during dinner and lunch, not only added to the festive mood, but added a new dimension to the animal rights movement.


Speakers, such as Roberta Kalechofsky, who spoke about the illusions of animal testing and the understanding of the "animal model", and Michael Klaper, who gave a physician's view on the necessity for a vegan diet, delivered speeches that broke the boundaries of ignorance on such issues. Amazingly, each speaker was able to keep my attention with their vast amounts of knowledge, different speaking styles, and their ability to present themselves objectively on such emotional issues. Though speaking on a specific issue, every speaker realized the holistic effects that veganism had on humans, animals, and the environment. On a whole, the compassion that streamed from their souls seemed limitless. It was very refreshing to be surrounded by people who sought knowledge not only from the mind, but from the heart.


Likewise, when people found out I was Jain, I saw an excitement in their eyes and soon enough the questions poured in. Almost every person that I came in contact with had a considerable amount of admiration for the faith. The word Ahimsa came up quite often. Though I was flattered by their interest, I could help but think how we always compromise the philosophy of Ahimsa, which in its totality encompasses other philosophies such as Aparigraha, or simplicity. Living in America, many of us try to live the materialistic life style, while adding in a bit of Jain values here and there. Thus, the profound nature of this festival was due to the amount of people who lived simple and compassionate lives (many have made room in their own homes for an animal shelter), and living up to the central Jain philosophies without even knowing it.


My wish is to station these people in front of my friends, family and community to serve as role models as compassionate humans. In reality, I know this can not happen, but I do know that people, both Jain and Non-Jain, have the potential to do the same.


- Lynna Dhanani, Raleigh, NC


Vegetarian Food Fair - San Diego's Fall Fest '99


This eventis a cornucopia of live music, entertainment and information about healthy living, healthy eating, and healthy alternatives for people, animals, and our planet… a harvest of sights, sounds, and flavors of the season… a cruelty-free feast promoting an Earth-friendly, people-friendly, and animal-friendly lifestyle.


Among the many great things happening that day, John Robbins will be there!


John Robbins, the author of the best-selling Pulitzer prize nominated book Diet for a New America takes us on a journey into the great American food machine. In his early twenties, in an effort to regain his own health, John turned away from the family owned Baskin-Robbins ice-cream business and began extensive research into nutrition and food production. After ten years of investigation and a thorough inside look at the American food production system, John has a whole new story to tell.


In simple and startling words, Robbins connects the dots and reveals his theories on the environmental and personal health consequences of a diet based on animal products. According to him, our current American diet is a recipe for disaster. He strongly recommends plant based (strictly vegetarian) diet as the only solution.


If you like to contribute to this and other future events, please send your checks to address next page.


- Organized by Compassionate Living