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We undertook an interesting project. We thought of printing a bumper sticker that best represents our mission, with a slogan. We invited suggestions via the Internet which resulted in a whopping bunch of them!! We published all of them, asking for a vote to elect one. Obviously, the votes were scattered, and many people voted for more than one slogan. Below is the most popular one that received 30% of votes, and four runner-ups that received 10-15% votes.


"JIV DAYA = Compassion to ALL Living Beings"


"Happiness is Being a VEGETARIAN"
"Save Environment -- Go Vegetarian!"
"Vegetarian by Choice -- Not by Chance"
"Live and Let Live"

Following second runner-ups received 5-10% votes.

"There is NO Sport in Hunting or Fishing"
"JIV DAYA = Mercy to ALL Living Beings"
"Animals Have Souls Too!"
"Have You Hugged a Vegan Today?"
"Veganism Does a Body Good"
"Vegetarian -- Peace for All Who Live!"
"Are You a Living Grave?"


The rest received less than 5% votes.


"VEGANISM -- Time has come for it!"
"Dominion does not mean Domination"
"Let's Take Good Care of our Earth"
"Learn from the mistakes of others. Go Vegetarian!"
"I Am a Vege!!! And Proud of It"
"The Night of the Living Vegan"
"The Vegan Army"
"Vegan Stomping Ground"
"USS Vegan"
"Blazing Vegans" (Or "Flaming Vegans")
"The Veganator" (After "The Terminator")
"Darth Vegan"
"Goldilocks and the Three Vegans"
"FrankenVegan (Frankenstein)"
"The Vegan Patient"
"The Vegan Sutra"
"Smile, say Tofu!"
"Vegetables are our friends"
"Tofu and You"
"Don't be a meathead!"
"May Ahimsa Be With You"
"Are you a herbivore too?"
"Make it a love and joy filled day"
"Meat is Murder"