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A Paradise for Animals in Texas


Founded by Ratibhai and Bonny Shah, and operated by Kat Chapin, with wonderful kindred spirits, the sanctuary is located on land more than 10 acres, dedicated to the animals they've rescued.


Ratibhai is a Jain, and they all have given their hearts and a life long commitment to saving and caring for these animals, most of which were scheduled for death. Currently the "Panjarapol" population includes 14 goats, 4 horses, 2 llamas, 3 pigs, 8 donkeys, 13 dogs, 12 cats (one of which has only three legs), 12 chicken, 15 bunnies, 18 geese, 50 to 100 ducks, 2 parrots, peacocks, finches, birds, etc. etc. over total 200 lives.


The most amazing thing about this sanctuary is the quality in which these are served. Not for dinner, mind you! They are served as if they really were in heaven. All are kissed and caressed daily. They ALL come at the sight of Bonny. She is greeted at the gate and followed by all. Such an incredible sight! Such is the harmony among all the animals, that none fight... Cats sleep with pigs, rabbits fall in love with doves, doves fall in love with chicken, and so on.


The Shah's support all these animals with their own resources and funds. If you like to join them with your tax-deductible donations, here is the address:


"AHIMSA" e-mail:
1875 Ottinger Road
Roanoke, TX 76262-9136
Phone: 817-379-0969 Fax: 817-491-4030

Finally, if you own any pets, AHIMSA will highly recommend to SPAY & NEUTER them!